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What are your SEO objectives?

What do you want from your website?

Whether it's more sales enquiries, more online sales, more people in your shop or simply just a place to display your company information - the planning & research stage is vital to the future performance of your website - and therefore vital to the SEO performance and ultimately the performance of your business.

We've seen it time and time again where businesses leap head first into a website and/or SEO project and then woefully regret their haste in doing so. Before giving any thought to your website, the objectives of your business must be clearly established - or all website and SEO efforts will be in vain and end up costing you money, unnecessarily.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The chances are, if you've found our Win With SEO website you're likely to have been searching for things like 'SEO', 'Search Engine Optimisation', 'Affordable SEO', 'SEO near me', 'SEO Agency', 'Optimise my website', 'Get my website found', 'SEO for small business', 'Local SEO' etc...

So, we're going to make a few presumptions here;

- You've just launched a new business / new website and you're struggling to get found online in the search engines or;
- You're a business owner whose frustrated with your website search engine ranking and you're not on page #1 or;
- Your job requires you to optimise your company or your clients' website(s) and you're trying to improve the search rankings for the website(s) you're responsible for.

Is your website a well kept secret?

First things first, if your website is all about your business (rather than a specific product or brand) a search for your business name in Google or Bing should result in your website being position #1 on page #1. If it's not, you really do have a problem and are in urgent need of some very basic SEO.

Don't just settle for a body kit, make sure your engine's fit for purpose!

It's common place that a huge amount of Web Designers and Creative Agencies focus so much on how visually appealing a website looks, that they often overlook the most important factor of a website project - metaphorically speaking, it's what's under the bonnet that really matters. The 'design' is a relatively small part of any website project. Take a Ferrari or an AMG Merc, for example, whilst there is a considerable amount of work and research into how it looks and performs aerodynamically, there's far more work involved in developing and engineering the things you don't see - such as the engine, chassis, gearbox etc. If you 'thought' you'd bought an AMG Merc and upon putting your foot down, you realised there was a tiny engine under the bonnet - you'd not be very happy.

Furthermore, when web designers are so consumed with the look and feel of a website, the calls to action or conversion touch points are often lacking. It's all good and well having a stunning website, but if it doesn't drive your enquiries and conversions, it's effectively an attractive work of art that will do very little towards your business growth.

Don't make the same mistake with your website - don't just settle for a body kit, make sure your engine's fit for purpose.

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Why isn't my website showing on Google?

Suffering from SEO Anxiety?

There can be multiple reasons why your website isn't showing up on Google and other search engines. Some simple actions can help with some issues, but it's usually wider issues related to how your website is built. Either way, it's likely to be linked to the following. We'll just refer to Google for the following reasons, as most people use Google, but the same applies for all search engines:

  • Google hasn't yet indexed your website, or is unable to do so. This is typically the case with a recently launched website.
  • Google doesn't consider your website to be 'trustworthy' or your site lacks 'relevance' in relation to the keywords and searches you trying to rank for.
  • Your website 'robots.txt' file is incorrectly configured, or is blocking Google from indexing your site.
  • Your website / url has been blocked by Google and removed from its index. This can happen if you've been hacked or have published inappropriate content in the past.
  • Your website content is poor quality.
  • Last, but far from least, there are technical issues with your website / web server. The potential list of issues here is huge and is referred to throughout this website. For a quick insight into some of these issues, see our Top 20 SEO Ranking Factors.

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