User Experience (UX / UE) and SEO

User Experience (UX / UE) and SEO

User Experience - this is basically the experience a user has when visiting pages on your website. To provide a great UX, your website will:

  • Provide a user with the information they require and;
  • Do the above very quickly and;
  • Do this easily on any device and;
  • Leave the user with a feeling of satisfaction and the desire to return to your website.

Is UX Important for SEO?

Search engines have consistently taken the website user experience into account. Due to the ever increasing traffic from mobile devices, more now than ever.

There was once a time when SEO was very straight forward. All you had to do was literally stuff a load of keywords onto a page, and bingo! Position #1 Page #1.

Those days are long gone!

Fas forward to today and the search engines now take many SEO ranking factors into consideration when deciding what and where to include in their SERPs. A big consideration is now that of user experience (UX), which is very much a key factor in the SEO ranking factors that ultimately dictate whether your website will rank, or not.

In summary, considering how UX is linked to the above SEO ranking factors, the answer is most certainly yes, UX is important for SEO.


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